About Me


I’m a thirty-something year old Believer, wife, mother, and Los Angeles native now living in Denver, Colorado. I’ve spent nearly all my life living with discoid lupus and not being very happy with my physical self. My focus now is on living life to the fullest, loving myself, protecting this body of mine, and informing others about lupus, and its many forms. Discoid lupus only affects the skin and leaves lesions on a person’s skin, mainly his or her face (cheeks, nose, forehead in my case).

Over the years this blog has served as a space for me to share my experiences as they relate to lupus, with others. Now, however, I simply use it to share my adventures. I love being outside, despite the fact that I have to be careful about sun protection. Hiking, mountain biking, anything that gets me out the house and into nature, I live for.

I’ll be exploring how motherhood has impacted my #getoutside mentality, along with my family’s love of travel.

If this sounds interesting to you, then pull up a cup of coffee, and join me.

Thanks for reading!
With gratitude, 



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