About Me

IMG_2897I’m a 29 yr. old Los Angeles native now living in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve spent nearly all my life living with Discoid Lupus and not being very happy with my physical self. Lupus is an autoimmune disease which has many forms. Discoid Lupus only affects the skin and leaves Discoid lesions on a person’s skin, mainly his or her face (cheeks, nose, forehead in my case).

While you learn more about this mysterious disease, (of which I’ve only seen on one other person) you will learn about the people who interact with me. Depending on the situation they range from sometimes hilarious and often ridiculous encounters I have with random folks eager to figure out, “what is wrong with me.” If upon seeing me, you’re wondering this, there’s likely something wrong with you–as I’ve discovered I’m quite alright, thank you kindly.

Perhaps the most interesting and consistent observation I can share is that people usually want to guess, out loud to me, what they think happened. This is fine to do in your own head, but please keep such guesses to yourself. Don’t remove all doubt I have about your intelligence by blurting out the first “accident” which you think could have caused my scars. Just don’t. Sometimes it’s funny, but usually it’s just annoying.

It took me a long time to accept what Lupus is and the scars which are a part of my skin condition. The scarring has been somewhat constant but what has changed over the years has been my new-found love of self. With the advances in technology, I’m sure now I could, if I wanted, get rid or at least lessen the scars on my face. By now it’s become as much a part of me as my sight or personality and I wouldn’t what that to change.

As a result of this disease, I’d like to share my experiences through stories on this blog. It wasn’t an easy road to loving or even liking myself today and if someone else can learn from situations I’ve had to face, that would ultimately make me happy.

So snuggle up in a favorite corner of your house, library, or park and come on this journey with me. It will be nothing short of fabulous.




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